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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  March 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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irrelevant watching al jazerra america live from new york city it, i am jonathan betz with today's top stories ukraine's prime minister warns of war and threatens to end relations with moscow. the crisis in ukraine forces the u.n. security council to meet this saturday afternoon. more than two dozen are killed in a knife attack in a chinese train station and california goes from drought to flood. mudslides threaten seems in the southern part of the state. ♪ ♪
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the crisis in ukraine is growing this weekend and it is getting the world's attention. the russian parliament approved vladimir putin's request for the use of force inside ukraine. this comes as a southern region of cream i can't schedules a vote to increase its independence. and for days we have seen armed men patrolling the streets there. and there were demonstration as cross the country today, some turned violent. the u.n. security council is meet to go discuss its next steps include diplomacy. the european union announced it will address the crisis on monday. let's to get to phil live in moscow. rushing a seems to be moving aggressively on cream i can't, why is it so interested in that region? >> reporter: john jonathan there are a number of reasons why they are interested in the region, first and foremost the base for their black sea fleet. that's a particularly important military asset russia has because it gives them access to the mediterranean by way of the
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black sea and through the mediterranean they can pretty much go anywhere. it is a real focal point for navel military might for russia. in addition to being strategically important, there is also the matter of the economy. there is a major gas line that goes through ukraine, now it doesn't throw go through cremia, but it goes through ukraine, delivers much of europe's natural gas and it's a real monetary gain for russia. should there be this fallout over cremia, that might come in to jeopardy. and thirdly, another economic issue. vladimir putin has been trying to reestablish a major trading block to counterbalance the european union. basically wants to reestablish the soviet union not a political change back to the communist era but an economic union that would create a very strong trading block. without that key country of ukraine, that prospect of vladimir putin's that dream of creating this trading block,
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that might just probably fall apart. jonathan. >> and so, phil, what happens next? we know obviously the parliament approved this movement, is there any indication that president putin i understand tends to sends more soldiers in cremia? >> reporter: well, it certainly is a possibility. the russians have said that they are able to, they have used this kind of framework in the russian contusion and the agreement that his exist between ukraine and russia particularly a 1997 agreement in which they said that in there is any threat to security, in particular to that navel base i mentioned that russia can take steps to protect the security of the peninsula there. so there is some wording, but there has already been a lot of criticism about the way that they have jumped through hoops and used loopholes and legal ease to get the vote pass today make it look -- to basically put an official face on it.
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it wasn't a hard vote to get through. the upper house pretty much rubber stamped it but there will be a lot of looking at how they manage to justify this in legal terms, if, indeed they send more troops in eventually. >> phil reporting live from moscow tonight, thank you. ukraine's prime minister has warned any russian intervention would lead to war. the new government in kiev has asked the united nations for helpful u.n. security council has been meeting this afternoon to discuss its next steps and for more on the challenges ahead let's go to nick schifrin live from independence square where this all started months ago. today there are threats of russian intervention, talk to us about just how nervous they are in kiev today. >> reporter: well, they are extremely nervous, jonathan. they have wanted to focus on political unity, on economic challenges, since they got elected just 48 hours ago. but they have had to focus
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entirely on cremia and they are very worried to the point where they just came out 10 or 15 minutes ago and delivered very aggressive statements. the president or the acting president i should say saying that he has given the order to put all armed forces on alert. he mentioned the prime minister warn this is could lead to war. he said there would lead to an absolute end of relation to his russia. and he demanded all russian forces return to the base that phil was just talking about. so very aggressive statements from this brand-new ukrainian government and they were all echoed by another cabinet minister i spoke to a few hours ago, tatiana says she says we want did them at this sy to work but feels like they might have no choice. >> translator: there can be no diplomacy with putin. we can recognize the example of georgia. russia spread information in such a way to make georgia the enemy. as a result, they society part of georgia, with putin and yanukovych, there can be no
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diplomacy. we have no choice but to defend our country ourselves. >> reporter: and so given that the fact that they have only been out there for 48 hours, as you said, jonathan, they just fired the chief of staff, they don't really know what the military chain the command, is so it's not clear really what they are capable of right now in terms of sending soldiers for to the cremia. >> that leads me to the next question, nick, just what can this government do? how much control do they have over the military? is is there any indication that the soldiers are listening to the new government? >> reporter: well, i think technically they do have control. and there is no indication to think that the soldiers wouldn't listen to new government so long as the chain of command is actually created. however, will they have support of the people behind me? we have been talking for weeks about how this revolution, as they call it, was created by all of the sacrifices of the people who died in this square fighting the police. right before this government was created the cabinet ministers
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were literally paraded in front of the crowd for approval or rejection. everybody i spoke to in this crowd says we do not want to go to war. we want this government to solve this diplomatically, that's very difficult given russia's apparent very aggressive military stance and so that is why we are seeing this international pressure on russia. there is a sense that the ukrainian government isn't quite ready for this and the military isn't quite ready to listen to government yet and so therefore we saw obama come out very strongly yesterday, we are seeing the security council today, everybody is putting pressure russia hoping to solve this diplomatically, jonathan. >> this is a fragile time for ukraine. nick schifrin live in kiev thank you. gunmen have been patrolling for three days now. it's in cremia where many speak russia and are in align with russia. jennifer glasse is there with more. >> reporter: many people here were happy to hear news that russian forces are authorized now to protect ukraine to
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protect creme yeah, they fee crl a fenty to russia. 60% is russian speak, ethnic russian and feel that they share customs and would like the protection of russia. they feel very threatened by what's been happening in kiev. for months they have been watching television reports that call the now government, then opposition leaders thugs, bandits, fascists and don't recognize the government in kiev. they say what's happened is a coup. and so very welcoming to the news here that russian forces will protect cremia and ukraine mainly i think we are talking eastern ukraine we saw pro russian action north of here. they are pro russian demonstrators went in the city hall that had been occupied for about a week now by pro kiev supporters. some of those supporters were dragged out and the russian flag
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briefly flown over that building. now they have taken that flag down, they have come to some sort of agreement, we saw a real clash there, as the tensions the divide between ukraine's east and west seem to be growing now, especially with this new russia flexing its military muscle. russia has about 150,000 troops right now on ukraine's boarder doing exercises in the past few days we have seen masked men in cremia take over the airport here and about an hour's drive south of here as well as surrounding and taking over some installation and key points including the parliament behind me masked men, armed men outside that parliament building for much of the day today and so things moving very quickly here. the mine perimeter taking over the police and military here saying anybody who doesn't want to follow his orders should
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resign. he says he's consolidating power here and moving forward a ref referendum on more autonomy for cremia. that referendum had been called for earlier this week for may 25th now moving forward to march 30 as the people here try to consolidate their power and really take control of their destiny. and try and separate themselves over from what is going in kiev. they want to make sure that what they have here, their russian identity remains intact and protected. >> our jennifer glasse in cremia today. but in the united states the president's national security team met today on the situation in ukraine. the white house continues to stands firmly against any military intervention by russia. our libby casey joins us live from washington with more on all of that, when are you are hearing today from washington, libby. while president obama issued a warn to go russia yesterday saying that military intervention would have costs there has been no response from the white house today. now, as you mentioned, we have
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been told by a senior administration official that the defense team, the national security team met today to talk over what is happening in ukraine and discuss options. we don't have a sense yet of what they are thinking because this is all happening behind closed doors, we may get insight tomorrow morning when defense second chuck hagel makes his rounds on the sunday talk shows, he'll be on cbs "face the nation." watch to get insid insight ther. everybody though the white house is staying mum we are hearing from members of congress including remembe republican ofa senator john mccain he expressed deep concern over the potential military intervention by russia. and he said, i call on president obama to rally our european and nato allies to make clear what costs russia will face for its aggression and to imposing toss consequences without further delay. senator mccain we want onto say that every moment the u.s. and its allies don't respond, gives putin the signal that he
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can be, quote, more ambitious and more aggressive. we are also hearing tough talk from house armed services chairman buck mckeon, he put out a statement saying that our response stands behind it's he friends against bullies. we should do everything pack tick toll help ukraine turn back these invaders. now, of course, jonathan, it's one thing to point the finger and say, hey, be specific about what you are talking about, what costs are on the table it's different to be in the oval offense to decide just what the costs could be. >> it's big take but what options does the president really have at this point? >> reporter: who was the president speaking to? president putin may do what he wants to do regardless of u.s. stances. so president obama and his team have to weigh what they want to happen next. and they have to think about this as perhaps a long game of strategy. it's been a real tit for tat over the last week or so. the president -- president obama talked yesterday about back channel conversations happening. about the back and forth that is
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happening between the white house and the kremlin. but a couple of things that they have in their arsenal they can try to make president putin look back in a december matic sense he's come offense suck selfs sochi games that you can they can do not going to the g8 summit in sochi this summer or talk about economic sanctions it's tough not president creates lines in the stand so to speak the white house huh to follow-up on them. >> that's got then em in trouble before. thank you, libby. ukraine i can't is small but hold power. for centuries moscow ruled it but until after world war ii when restles western ukraine joh the eastern section, it game independent in 1991 after the perhaps of the soviet union. since last september the world has focused on kiev. that's where you find ukrainians who want closer ties to europe. they led the protests that
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ousted president victor january coach itch who preferred russia. now the focus has shifted to eastern ukraine particularly the cremia peninsula. there most have felt close to russia since the 1800s that when katherine the great concurred and claimed it for mother russia. >> reporter: there are concerns on the black sea. but analysts say some of that reaction may be overblown. russian military presence really is nothing new because russia has had a key navy base there for centuries. >> the black sea fleet has been the pride of the russian navy since peter the great founded it. it is the flagship, literally so to speak of the russian navy. it is a point of pride to have it based there. it's not really necessary military for them. there have always been contingency plans to move it someplace on the russian black sea coast if that became necessary. but i think it would be a very
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severe blow to russian pride to have to do that. >> our randle pinkston there. joining me now via skype from cremia is victor, the aid to the newly appointed ministry of the interior in ukraine, thank you so much for being with us. i first want to get your observations on what you are seeing there in the peninsula. any changes at all with the russian military? >> you know that we have the [inaudible] about the russian military and what has happened here in cremia. now it's open aggression from the russians here and it's proceeding not according to the international laws. not according to ukrainian laws. so russians telling to us that they are doing nothing but they really are here. they are blocking the buildings, block the government, the local parliament. cremia parliament, et cetera, also they blocked the cremia
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boundary with the ukraine i ukro people can't move in ukraine i can't now and they can't move out. so yep i can't is blocked for c. >> are people accepting, angry, protests? >> reporter: no, people are scared now. you can't be protesting against the military [inaudible] so we have this military with weapons [inaudible] they control all strategic buildings, et cetera, so people are afraid to move out against them. so as you talk before that, ukrainian new ukrainian government is not ready for this invasion that's why people are afraid and they don't know what to do now. >> let me ask you about that.
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just how prepared is in new ukrainian government for possible confrontation with russia? do you feel like the government has control over the military? do you think they will respond to the country's new leaders? >> for now i could take about what is happening in cremia. cremia for now the local police is with the russians now. there is statements from the local police in cremia that they are with russia. the army is still with creme i can't so we have a presence in crimea from the ukrainian military. >> and so how concerned are you there in crimea that things could escalate, do you feel that russia might get more aggressive as what many are predicting or do you think it could turn out differently? >> no, i think thinking that
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they -- a new continental war is starting. i hope i am mistaken. but you know that we are feeling that that will be a blow and russians now they are waiting for some escalations for some shooting from the ukrainian side to say, hey, we are protecting russian people here so the georgian scenario. but ukrainians are smart we don't use that right now, we have it but don't use it. yes. >> victor you are with the new government if you say that you feel like you are on the brink of war, how prepared is this new government, is ukraine for a possible war? >> as i said, nobody thinks that -- is thinking that it's happening. you know. because we knew and we officially said and russia said before that we are strategic
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partners, if we are extra stratc partners then there can't be any war, so it was like it was like, no, it's happening. people -- >> people just feeling kind of defeated it sound like. >> yes. yes. we really we are not expecting this situation. we hope that russian people they have -- they are smart, they don't do such things because this is bad for the russian reputation. putin is waiting for when the olympic games in sochi are ended after he started all these things. he do smart wait, so i want to say that it was planning maybe several months before now from mr. putin. so he waited when the olympic games ended and he starting the
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invasion. so this invasion was planned and now what they think about the exercises of russian militaries near the i crane vinnie board it waborder,it was planning befores about. >> i know these are uncertain times for and you your country. newly appointed lahr past. thank you for your time we appreciate it. and the crisis in ukraine is casting a shadow over this year's paraolympics, the games kickoff on friday in sochi just a cross from creme ya. that's where pro russian government have taken over buildings and airports. the international paraolympic committee says it's on high alert but not planning to alter the games just yet. crying a is calling it a terrorist attack. a group of men with knives burst in to a train station and began stabbing people. several of the attackers were reportedly shot dead at that
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scene at least 100 others hurt in the tack. when we come back on al jazerra america the underground railroad that carries north korean deflector to his thailand. we speak to one of its organizers.
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♪ ♪ welcome back to al jazerra america. we are following the unfolding crisis in ukraine today, british foreign minister william hague who is headed to kiev tomorrow tweeted earlier today, quote, we oppose the decision to deploy russian troops on ukrainian soil against wishes of the ukrainian government and condemn any act of aggression. the latest in several condemnations against russia today. the u.n. security council is in session. we'll have more information as it becomes available. let's his then to a quick moment to the u.n. general assembly meet to go discuss the ukraine. >> translator: this is the u.n. charter. it should serve as our primary good in this situation. now is the time for cool heads to prevail. thank you.
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>> translator: the representative of the ukraine. >> president and distinguished members of the security council, council deputy, secretary general, thank you fortunate for agreeing to have this meet on the ground such a short notice. thank you for your comments and thank you for presen presentings statement of the secretary general which is very promising. what are you go to state now was sent to all the nations this afternoon. including information in
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ukraine. [inaudible] as the situation continues to deteriorate as i told you yesterday, russian troops had illegally entered ukraine and the peninsula and the biggest reason to freak the russian-speaking population of ukraine. >> they are speaking to the u.n. about the cries his let country. it's a difficult position for the united nations because russia has veto power there over the security council. we'll keep an eye on that and bring you any other developments that come our way. moving stateside, though, to california. recent drought is giving way to a relentless downpour prompted mandatory evaluations in los angeles suburbs and triggered landslides and heavy flooding. rains are expected to last through today before moving east and over the rocky mountains, stephanie stanton is in california. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: well, right now surprisingly, it's clear. but this is how it's been all day. it will be clear, and then we'll have these short bursts of downpours and that is what is the concern here.
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this entire area, this is a fire burn area, this is under mandatory evaluation orders about a thousand homes in fact, but interestingly, only about 25% of homeowners are heed that go warning. let me show you what's happening behind me here. this is rainbow drive, this street is of particular concern and you can see that there are rails and sand bands and let's show you why eights big concern, take a look at this video shot by a homeowner yesterday of rainbow drive. this was at the height of the storm and you can see mud, water, rushing down this street and the big reason is history. this all has do with history. because 45 years ago there was a similar storm that hit this exact area and it caused some pretty significant damage. >> in 1969 we had substantially similar type of a burn pattern and similar rains and up on
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rainbow that is where the city of glen dora took a large hit, those homes are homes that were just destroyed. taken off their foundations millions of dollars worth of damage that occurred on rainbow. and there is extra concern because there is real notice much different. >> reporter: again, when you talk about the difference diffee between 45 years ago and now, the topography is much the same. catch basins have been installed and a much more elaborate drainage system and the city on top of the situation where restless kent putting up sand bags and he officials are hoping with all of these factors together they are hoping to avoid a serious situation like back in noon 69. so the situation as it stands right now the skies are clear, the rain is nowhere near over. they are watching that hillside, of course, it is a huge concern. but right now, residents are crossing their fingers and hoping that things will continue to stay as they are and no
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damage will be seen. >> stephanie stanton enough glen doerr a thank you. let's to get to jelelah. it's hard to see this in a state that's so thirsty for rain. >> meteorologist: droughts typically end in floods. they have to hang in there, and this is going to be over by tonight. the t storm is not over for the rest of the country. the area of low pressure will bring in much-needed rain to southern california but the areas dealing with the burn scars will see sufficient amounts of flash flooding and the chance for moore mudslides, you can see the front pushing in to the plains there is an arctic front diving southwards here and continuing to drive the front towards the east and that's where we'll see significant amounts of snow tonight in to tomorrow. and really through monday. as it pushed towards the i-95 corridor and mid-atlantic.
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take a look here, all the areas in green, that's where we are dealing with flash flatting. take a look at the radar here you can see the areas in purple that's where we dealt with the heavy snow in the areas in green where we have dealt with the heavy rain, back to you, jonathan. >> thank you jelelah. still ahead on al jazerra america, he is one of mexico's biggest drug lords, but for those calling for el chapo's release from jail, he's an inspiration. and how deadly taliban attacks in pakistan are hurting the polio prevention effort.
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>> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state...
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>> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. on al jazeera america and welcome back to al jazerra america. we want to go back to thein' general assembly which is meeting today to discuss the ongoing crisis in ukraine after recent threats by russia of a possible military intervention speaking right now the russian ambassador to the u.n. >> translator: and then another
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question. and i don't want to condone his actions, many things could be said i'll just repeat the facts. the leader -- a leader of the opposition why not accept that proposal. why continue to rachet up the situation. he could have [inaudible] if he wanted to sign an agreement in association with the eeu he could have and then he would have been responsible for the catastrophic consequences, economic consequences for the country if he signed that agreement. and then in 2015 there will be presidential elections in ukraine if the people don't like the opposition to mr. yanukovych. so why continue to whip up this situation and why some of our western colleagues are they trying to spur on a continuation of this confrontation.
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why bring the people in to the streets, armed militants in the street? why these militants need to throw things at the police, the molotov cocktails? why go after the police? one of the scold goes or one of the terrorists -- one of the criticism made against people, why are there -- there is no criticisms of people fighting for democracy. those people fighting for democracy there is no criticism why do they exist if they are going to react to this type of manifestation. why should they exist as a result of the development of the cries let this way an agreement was signed, the 21st of the february. and president yanukovych and the opposition signed in. in it there were signatures of three foreign affairs ministers, minister of foreign affairs, of germany, france, and poland. it was a very important agreement that was reached. and at a later stage of the crisis it gave an opportunity to get out of the crisis situation.
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under this agreement, there should be a national ubely government formed in 10 days and constitutional reforms taken and adopted by december he, 2015 there would be presidential will elects. the opposition and authorities in the opposition said that they would not use force, to give over their weapon weapons to whr was supposed to keep them. why was this agreement not complied with? why was it no implemented? why did we hear threats against president yanukovych as a result of which he had to leave kiev? why is it the that parliament with its new membership the ukrainian parliament with the traumatic changes why did it first right off the top take the decision to take away the -- make a decision to take away the language excellent solution which says that people have the right to use specific languages, minority languages not only of
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russian language but other lang wins have the right. why the first daze was that decision taken to take those away? it was not a political coalition or process that they were talking about, it's that one of the leaders of the opposition -- was trying to push his will. call himself a victor and trying to force his will on people. i am not talking about whether there were not a lot of them but there were a number of groups among group there are some radical extremist, activist who his in fact -- who work on ukrainian security that work in that area. now, what has taken place the last few days, which really is why we are meeting today. well, it's a very difficult situation the last few hours.
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has not happened in crimea and but in the eastern part of ukraine there has been a lot of concern and particularly in cry crimea and we have emergence of people from kiev with the intention of repeating what's in kiev, what has been happening in the western part of ukraine they just want to replace the regional government. so that has created great concern in the eastern part of the country especially in the republic of crimea, in these situations the head of the minister made a statement and today this was referenced. now i will quote the statement in spite of the agreement which was achieved by the authorities there cannot be a change of the security about the agreement of the -- without the agreement of the council and republic of crimea the violation of laws on the police yesterday the 28th of february, and the beginning of
4:37 pm
the police action has meant that in these -- in this in crimea with the -- with -- with the people that are there that are trying to control the situation the terrorists because of the situation, there has been a disorder and with use of weapons. so then the statement i'll quote now that was issued today by the minister of foreign affairs of russia. on the night of march 1st some unknown people sent from kiev made attempts to take over the minute city of internal affairs building in crimea, because of these provocations there were casualties. there was an attempt to take over other buildings, the attempt was they tried to block us. there was some politicians in keif trying to stir up the situation on the peninsula upon orders of kiev it's very irresponsible to try to whip up the situation in a situation
4:38 pm
that is already very tense already in crimea. so in these conditions can, what i mentioned by the the [inaudible] he made a request to provide assistance to restore peace in crimea. this information is an appeal about mr. yanukovych, his removal from office we thought was done by not -- not done in a legal way, as a result of this statement or appeal the president of russia under our contusionacon constitutional prs threats to the lives of russian citizens, our compatriots, the military people of the russian federation that are there have been sent there under the agreement that we have with ukraine and crimea, under the
4:39 pm
relevant parts of the contusion, the russian -- we have gone to the parliament and asked for the possibility of use of force by the russian federation on ukraine until there is an normalization of the civic and political situation in ukraine. end of quote. so i would like to draw your attention to it says on the territory of ukraine, not against ukraine. as my ukrainian colleague said but on the territory of ukraine until the normalization of the civic and political situation in this country. on the recent reports that i have including on the statement by the representative of the president of the russian federation for the press, a decision on use of armed forces on you the territory of ukraine the president of the russian federation has not taken that decision. now, the -- how to get out of this situation.
4:40 pm
i repeat, as was said quite correctly we need cooler heads to prevail and we have to get back to the political constitutional path. we need to go back to the agreement of the 25th of february and establish a national unity government. and we need to put an end to attempts to converse with opponents, ethnic a point. opponents and to do it with force. international events that have stirred up interest ukraine that we need to sideline the radicals and we have to -- with those opponents in kiev they have to get away from the radicals and they have to get back to the territory of ukraine. because such actions that they are taking could lead to a very difficult developments, which the russian federation is trying to avoid, thank you very much,
4:41 pm
madam president. >> i thank the representative o- >> translator: i thank the representative for the russian representative and i now give the floor to the member from the united states. >> thank you, madam president. the you united states renews our call for the international community to support the newly-formed government of ukraine and to prevent unnecessary violence. i would like to take a moment to respond to the comments made here by the representative of the russian federation. actions speak louder than words. early this morning the russian act the to authorize the use of military force in ukraine. this is as dangerous as it is destabilizing. we are deeply disturbed by reports this morning of russian military intervention in to crimea. this intervention is without legal basis, indeed it violates russia's commitment to protect the soften at this, territorial integrity and independence of ukraine. it is time for the russian intervention in ukraine to end.
4:42 pm
the russian military must stand down. the aspirations of the ukrainian people must be respected and political dialogue must be allowed to continue. we applaud the remarkable restraint and commitment to that dialogue that the new ukrainian government in kiev has demonstrated in the face of hostilhostility. we have said from the outset we recognize and respect russia's historical tie to his ukraine but instead of engaging the government of ukraine and international institutions about its concern for ethic russians russia ignored both and has instead acted unilaterally and military i would ironic that the russian federation goes out its way in this chamber to recognized sanction at this of national borders and sovereignty but russian actions in ukraine are violating the sovereignty of ukraine and pose a threat to peace and security. russia alleges various actions against and threats to minority groups in ukraine.
4:43 pm
we see no evidence of these actions yet. but russia's provocative actions could easily push a tense situation beyond the breaking point. russia's insight. of groups to come out to protest is not responsible behavior in the present situation, there is a clear way forward that would preserve ukraine's sovereignty territorial integrity and address russia's concerns. first, russia should directly engage the government of ukrai ukraine. second, international monitors and observers, including from the u.n. and osce should be sent to ukraine. that's the best way to get the facts, monitor conduct, and to prevent any abuses. russia is a leading member of both institutions and can participate actively to insure that its interests are upheld. the immediate deployment of international observers from either on. osce to the united or crimea
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would give movement of military and paramilitary forces in the region and diffuse the tensions between different different groups of we are also work to go stand up ants international media mission to the crimea to begin to deescalate the mission and facility sill tate peaceful die long among all parties, our paramount concerns are to he want the confrontation and allow the ukrainian people to determine their own government and future. that must be the goal of this council and the international community. the united states will work with ukraine, our allies and partners in europe and around the world and here at the united nation to his uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and democratic future of ukraine. thank you. >> translator: i thank the representative of the united states and i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> president, as the permanent representative of russia has suggested that some e.u. member
4:45 pm
states were somehow involved in making the crisis in ukraine worse, i should like to set out clearly my government's position. the united kingdom is deeply concerned by the escalation of tingeses in the crimea peninsula and by the fact that the russian parliament has authorized russian military action on ukrainian soil against the wishes of the ukrainian government. this sox is a great threat of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. we condemn any action of aggression against ukraine. we have therefore sought an immediate and full explanation from the russian federation for the decision to authorize military action on sovereign ukrainian soil and of the basis for it under international law. earlier today my prime minister called on all parties to think carefully about their actions and work to lower, not escalate eveningtensions. yesterday my foreign minister toke to the acting ukrainian
4:46 pm
president and made clear the united kingdom option support for their new government. he your honors them to insure the government takes measure which unify the country and protect all the right of all ukraine citizens including those from minority groups in a spirit of inclusiveness and assured him of the united kingdom's commitment to ukraine's territory commitment union and is off at this. the united ding come cost supports the ukrainian government request for urgent cut consultations in accordance with the 1994 budapest memorandum signed by united kingdom, united station, russia and ukraine. we sa see no reason why these consultations should not take place immediately. yesterday this council expressed support for ukraine's unity, is off at this and territorial integrity and agreed that all political actors should show restraints. this is critical that the russian federation respects the sovereignty, independence and
4:47 pm
territory of ukraine and takes immediate steps to calm this dangerous situation. i thank you. >> translator: i thank the representative of the united kingdom and now give the floor to the representative of france. >> translator: madam president, since the beginning of the current crisis france has worked towards the solution which would allow for the stabilization of ukraine a democratic ukraine that respects the rights of all communities and members of the great european family. this was the ming behind the mediation conducted by the foreign ministers of poland and france and germany. this was the sense of the 21st of february agreement to which the russian federation at the time refuse today give its support in fact. it is not an issue today of a duo political argument of another time. today we cannot ask ukraine to
4:48 pm
choose between east and west, that would be contemporary to all of the values that have contrary to all of the values that have founded the european union and i would remind that you its existence is based on the refusal to go back to the practices of another age which led our continent to two disasters in one century. the authorization given by the council. russian federation to deploy perhaptroops in ukraine could rl itself to be a threat to the territorial integrity of that country and it would be a dangerous development for peace. in the ukrainian crisis, france will attempt to provide a political solution that will serve the interests of the ukrainian people and will preserve the territorial integrity and unity of the country. we would call for he'll parties to show restraints and responsibility. we ask the ukrainian authorities to take all necessary measures to insure civil peace, coexistence between communities,
4:49 pm
and take in account the legitimate concerns of the russian federation. expect from all of ukraine's neighbors that they help ukraine in that difficult endeavor. france and the european ube youn are ready to make a contribution to the peace. calling for rabbit and coordinated action of the european union which will be decided upon at the third of march council of european foreign ministers, i thank you. >> translator: i thank the representative of france for his statement. there are numerous speakers on my list. i would now like to invite members of the council to informal consultations of the issue the meeting is now adjourned. and you have been listening to live coverage of the u.n. general assembly meeting discussion the ongoing cries let ukraine, earlier we heard the russian ambassador addressing
4:50 pm
the assembly and bra blaming the west for spurring the con football takes an takesconfronto the fall of president victor yanukovych and heard from am ambassador samantha powers and other world leaders urge russia to stop its intervention ambassador powers saying very clearly actions speed louder than words and the united states is deeply disturbed by russia's interim vision in the ukraine i want to brings in james deputy director of the american institute in ukraine he's in washington, d.c. with us. i want to first get your thoughts on how big of a threat russia poses. there is a lot of sabre rattling going on, russia has sent soldiers there and asked for permission to send more. do we, picture this to escalate in to a full-on war? >> at the moment, i don't think so. but then again, i have to admit i was somewhat surprised that the russians did take this action in crimea. i thought they would have stood
4:51 pm
back a while and watched the economic consequences catch up with the administration in kiev that they don't recognize in the first place. i do think this debate, though, was very, very illuminating in terms of the positions of the powers. the russian am boss door speaking about going back to the february 21st medical up the agreement between mr. yanukovych and the opposition leaders about forming an opposition government after which he was in effect, at least to his account chaseed from the capital under threat of violence, it's clear the russians do not seven the legitimacy of the administration in key and every have no intention in talking to it. but they have said finally what it is they want. which is to renew the discussions, roll back the clock and try to create something like a national unity government in which both south and east supporters of mr. yanukovych. crimea can be represented as well as the more western groups
4:52 pm
that have now controlled the capital. >> when you say roll back the clock. document they are suggesting bringing victor i don't know cove itch to power and letting him resume his presidency. >> that's implicit in what they are saying, absolutely. you heard ambassador powers from the united states saying they need to engage with the new government which is now clearly the u.s. position that there is a new government in kiev and the russians need to accept at that. and that that intervention is illegitimate. i do think there is a problem, miss power is known ace very forceful advocate of unilateral military intervention on the part of united states in places like syria, kosovo, other places in the past that have sort of did he based the coin if you will on protesting against interventions of a unilateral nature. i would say the debate lines are clearly stoked now. >> the debate lines are clearly established. we also want to point out that
4:53 pm
president putin spoke with president obama earlier today we are just getting this news in to our newsroom and president putin repeated his insistence that russia has a right to protect its interest in ukraine. do you still think that russia the end game for russia to carve out basically a part of ukraine for itself? or do you think they are looking more towards just aligning itself with the new ukrainian government? >> think they are thinking about aligning themselves with the new ukrainian government if we are referring to the administration in kiev. again i think it must be emphasized doesn't really control much of anything. i am not even sure that they control the streets of kiev at this point. i think the russians are not looking ask and i could be wrong, but i don't think they are looking at detachin detachie crimea and letting the rest ukraine fall in to the western camp as an economic basket case in all likelihood. they are looking for some way to make sure that their interests are take then to account in ukraine and not simply run out of town as they appear to have been after the 21st of february.
4:54 pm
and i think that's where the western powers have an opportunity to engage rather than engage -- wrath tore simply make -- i think sterile accusations that are not going to get us much of anywhere. >> because bottom line is u.n. has very little power here, there is not much that they can do. russia has the pete seat owe? >> absolutely. that's where i think the british ambassadors comments were kind of off point referring to the budapest memorandum of 1994. which rovers to any nuclear threat has to be sent to the security council so a think not sure what relevance that had. >> james in washington with the american institute of ukraine, thank you for your perspective today. we'll check in you probably late they are afternoon. >> thank you. >> i also want to be to nick schifrin live in kiev. i am curious to know the reaction from there. how hopeful are the ukrainians that the west will intervene and solve the crisis? >> reporter: well, they are
4:55 pm
desperate for it because they don't think their government can do it by it he feel is. i think james made a very good point right there. the government does not control the streets, the streets control the government. and given that, you know, that really leaves this government flailing in the winds a little bit. this government has not given any kind of evidence that it can actually solve this problem with actions. yes, we have heard a lot of rhetoric, we have gotten a lot. >> reporter: parliamentary restless linings but starts short of actions that's why samantha power is coming out saying rush all must talk to this government. obama, the security council is having this meet to go try to solve this diplomatically and prop up a government that is about 48, 49 hours old. that's it it. they have not been given the chance to actually establish themselves and it's not clear, jonathan whether they actually have the power to respond to this which, perhaps, is why putin is doing this. thinking that he can go as far as he wants to go. because the government simply isn't ready to respond. >> okay, a lot of things unfolding very quickly in ukraine examine in new york. nick she run live in kiev, if you for that.
4:56 pm
we'll of course stay on top of this story the unfolding crisis in ukraine and russia's response throughout the day and line as well on al think tweet me. i have been posting as best as i can. a short break more news and then i'll be back with an hour with more on the ukraine, thanks for being with us today, have a good day.
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al jazeera america. you are watching al jazerra live from new york city i am jonathan betz with today's top stories. russian parliament has approved vladimir putin question for force in the ukraine.
4:59 pm
increasing its independence for days we have seen arnold men patrol the streets. u.s. ambassador to be u.n. told the security council the u.s. wants an immediate delight for of u.n. observers to ukraine the nato will meet tomorrow and we still address it on monday. there has been no official upon from the white house today. chinaness estate media reports 27 people are dead after mass stabbings at a strain station. a group of men armed with knives burst in the strain station and began stabbing people. several of the attackers were shot dead at the scene. the pakistani taliban has agreed to a 1-month ceasefire with the government of the a spokesperson says the truce is a step towards peace. pakistan has welcomed the deal. the retail giants sears says it's reviewing the company's says terms to see if it has fallen victim to a data breach. a precaution in light of tar he had massive psych ai cyber tack.
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a sears spokesperson says so far there is no evidence i've breach at sears or car. mart. those are ar the headlines, more news in an power but "faultkline dealt starts right now on al jazerra. >> every day across america, military-style raids are taking place. local police dressed like soldiers break down doors in the hunt for drugs. >> this is not what we think of as police in a democratic society. this is way out of proportion.